Market Analysis
Khattab's Group Impact
Khattab's Group Impact
What seperates our talents and expertise?
We're an award-winning industry leader in multiple sectors.
Fast Results
Our delivery results are extremely fast and reliable.
Global Collaboration
We are currently working with multiple partners globally.
We put our customers feedback into consideration to ensure satisfaction.
Our whole team is based on professional ethics.
Every batch is inspected to ensure the highest standards.
Customer Satisfaction
We deeply care about our clients' satisfaction and experience.
We constantly innovate new ideas and welcome them.
Manufacturer's Shares in the Jordanian Market
Khattab's Group Baby Life is the only player that is showing a huge growth and has been the market leader since 2019.
Company's Impact
Our latest achievements
Leaders in the markets for baby diapers production.
Top sellers in the market of hygienic paper, tissues and rolls manufacturing.
Biggest industrial player in plastic granules and sheets production and distribution.
Production of more than 150000 diapers per hour by Baby Life
Sole manufacturer of Nonwoven material in the country
Trusted Industry
Since 1990
Why us
Reducing Environmental Impact
We aim to be a big part of saving the earth movement, as industrial contribution is highly significant.
Enhancing Livelihoods
By the end of 2020 we will enhance the livelihoods of millions of people as we grow our business.
Improving Health and Well-being
Our lab engineers constantly challenge themselves to find the newest technology that helps our consumers stay healthy.
Anas Khattab