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Our Story
“Control Today. Protect Tomorrow.
For over 20 years, Baby Life Healthcare Industries have provided
high-quality, safety-focused products that address the needs of the healthcare industry.”
Radwan Khattab
Board of Directors
Our esteemed management for over 20 years
Mahmoud Khattab
Moh'd Rida Khattab
Radwan Khattab
Our Vision
We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith, we grow through creativity, invention and innovation, we integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.
The Story
Khattab Group is a leading company in the Middle East in the manufacturing of health products. They started their journey in Amman-Jordan in 1996 with the introduction of Baby Life brand through baby diapers to the market, with high quality standards, and after obtaining the ISO accredation, Khattab Group entered the European Union agreement (EURO1).
In addition to baby diapers, we launched Lady Life as feminine napkins and Adult Incontinence (Adult Diapers) in high absorption and soft cotton feeling. The company produces a full range of paper products including Facial Tissues, Table Napkins, Toilet Paper, Kitchen Towels, Maxi Rolls, and others.
We also specialize in Plastic Fillers, Sodium Carbonates production and Non-woven materials that eventually entered the production of diapers and other cotton/paper products. Recently, through the pandemic, our biggest seller was the health Life products that range from face masks for all ages to gowns for hospital needs.
The Mission
Production Capacity
Exceed our current approximate of 150k diapers per hour, 6 days a week, a total of 84.4 Million diapers monthly.
Global Reach
Establish and strengthen our existence in the Gulf Cooperation Council market and global markets.
Implement marketing penetration strategy that will ensure high brand acknowledgment & awareness.
Market Shares
Improve our existing sales and processes to achieve the desired growth and enhance market share.
Core values
Full Automation Process
Robotic and Factory automation has been globally adopted by a number of industries for decades. Most automotive factories, electrical factories, and even home robots are made and assembled by armies of robots with minimal human supervision. Automation brings higher production efficiency, a safer working environment, lower costs and superior quality. After years of development and deployment, the process now requires minimal human involvement.
Therefore, we introduced the robotic variant to many of our industries, specially the Non-Woven for diapers process, as we now have opened an entire robotic factory focused mainly on the brand 'Baby Life'.
International Recognition
We have been recognized for being a great place to work and a huge production group, our brands have been also under the spotlight regionally and internationally, our products and employees have been internationally surveyed and accredited by meeting the required criteria globally.
It is critical to have these awards as they nominated us for publicly accessible lists that expanded our reach and production dramatically, they have also connected us to thousands of clients and potential clients therefore help increase our sales and production.
We are committed to provide the best products to our customers by continuing to develop our work methods and industry in order to meet all the demand up to the highest of standards.
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