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Face Masks and Health Products
Prevention Over Cure Stay Healthy
During the pandemic we made sure to support Jordan nationally including government’s international support by mass-producing face masks and hospitals’ needs. Our high standards have been met globally and internationally to keep health and human life a priority, and our brand Life’s selling chart is a proof.
Kids Face Masks
The New Genertion Kept Protected
Daily Adult Masks have proved that they are not suitable kids, hence unlike most of our competitors we took it amongst ourselves to protect our kids by custom designing face masks for them that are both perfectly-fit and have the highest features and standards as adult masks have.
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We work through our high experience on the production of Nonwoven fabrics, as these fabrics are used in several areas, including the industrial field and the manufacture of hygiene products such as baby diapers, adult diapers and feminine pads and are also used in medical fields in personal protection products and equipment for medical operations, as they can be used in the agricultural sector and used Also in many industrial and home decoration fields.

And these fabrics are designed to fully meet strict standards in order to fulfill the specific requirements for the hygiene applications. APN Nonwovens has been producing Non-Woven Fabrics with high quality, and we understand the unique essentials that are needed to be highly valued and approved, in order to compete in the local and international markets. Highly valued and approved.
Plastic Production
Applied Plastics built with the highest standards in mind, in order to meet the demand for high-quality components. This contributed to the quality and innovation that Khattab Group is known for today.
Baby Diapers
Baby Life products are manufactured using the latest technologies in the world, our diapers have a special medical belt that helps babies walk. Baby Life has achieved the first certificate in the middle east that proves that diapers help the babies with walking by supporting their spinal cord.
Baby Life pants have been designed to provide multiple choices for the mother, therefore it is easier to wear, remove and its soft on the touch.
We are committed to provide the best products to our customers by continuing to develop our work methods and industry in order to meet all the demand up to the highest of standards.
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